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What is the Ally Initiative?

The Ally Initiative by Because Organization is more than a program; it's a movement. It's about standing up against human trafficking, not as individuals, but as a united community. We transform local businesses into havens of safety and support, creating a network of allies that survivors of human trafficking can turn to for help, hope, and healing.

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Who are Allies?

Allies are local businesses - from cafes and bookstores to salons and more - that step forward to make a real difference. As an Ally, your establishment becomes a beacon of safety in the community, a place where survivors can find a moment of peace, and the public can learn and engage in the fight against human trafficking.

Benefits for Allies, Community, and Survivors:

For Allies: Being an Ally elevates your business in more ways than one. It strengthens your standing in the community, fosters team spirit around a noble cause, and empowers you and your staff with essential knowledge and purpose.

For the Community: Your participation as an Ally raises awareness and educates the public about human trafficking. It helps in building an informed, vigilant, and supportive community that stands together against this global issue.

For Survivors: The safe spaces and support you provide as an Ally can be life-changing for survivors. It's a place where they can feel secure, get access to essential resources, and start rebuilding their lives with dignity and hope.

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How do I become an Ally?

Becoming an Ally is straightforward:

  1. Express Interest: Fill out a simple application form to express your interest.

  2. Background Check: Every owner or supervisor undergoes a thorough background check to ensure the safety and integrity of the environment.

  3. Ally Initiative Pledge and Agreement: Sign the “Ally Initiative Pledge”, reaffirming their commitment to safety, accessibility, and awareness.

  4. Education and Training: Utilize the provided educational information to train their staff about the initiative, ensuring they understand their roles and responsibilities.

  5. Become a Beacon of Hope: Once onboard, display the Ally Initiative decal at your establishment, signifying your role as a safe space and source of support.

Apply to Become an Ally!

Are you ready to make a difference? Are you set to be more than just a business in the community but a beacon of hope? Apply now to become an Ally. Your decision to join can change lives and contribute significantly to a cause that urgently needs attention and action.

Because Organization's
Ally Initiative Registration Application

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