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Safety & Prevention 

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Here, we provide essential information and resources that not only raise awareness about the complexities of human trafficking but also provide insights into its prevention. We believe that everyone has a role in combating human trafficking, and through shared knowledge and vigilance, we can make significant strides in curbing this global issue. 

Help Yourself to Our Informational Resources 


Learn four ways you can prevent yourself from falling victim to human trafficking.


"Push Factors" in human trafficking denote the underlying causes that increase vulnerability to exploitation. They create conditions where individuals may unknowingly gravitate towards traffickers, often in search of better opportunities or to escape challenging circumstances. 


The digital world, though a hub of information and connectivity, is also a playground for traffickers. Safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones requires a comprehensive understanding of online safety measures, from managing digital footprints to recognizing potential threats in the virtual space.


The festive season unfortunately sees a rise in human trafficking, as traffickers exploit increased vulnerabilities and holiday chaos. This section delves into these altered trafficking tactics and guides you in recognizing the signs, helping keep you and your loved ones safe.

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