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Soon to Provide
Transitional Housing:
Safe House


- Safe and sanitary housing for a period of three years

- Community living opportunity

- Referral to outside housing options if needed

- Housing stability

- Transitional support out programing



- A guaranteed commitment to hygiene Education

- Products

- Showers

- Laundry

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness
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- Assistance in finding healthcare coverage and services

- Referral to Mental Health providers

- Referral to outpatient drug and alcohol programs

- Eventual  house counselling

Food Security

Food Security
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- Aid in obtaining assistance for the acquirement of food

- Food drive information

- Application support

Resources for Children of Human Trafficking

Resources for Children
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-Referrals to child Counselors and Psychologist


-Future planning support for transition into adulthood (16-17)


-Resource center for questions and aid

Life skills

Lifeskills Education

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- Opportunity to learn basic skills to aid in future endeavours

- Gain the knowledge to live and be self-sufficient

- Community meals

- Ability to adapt to new situations and environments

Therapeutic Groups

Therapy Groups
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- Art

- Music

- Dance

- Journaling

- Optional story sharing

- Self Care

Legal Resource Aid

Legal Resouces Aid
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-Referrals to legal professionals

- Support in obtaining legal documents

- Accompaniment to appointments and trials

Career and Job Coaching

Career coaching
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- Strategies on job searching 

- Resume/ C.V writing aid

- Cover letter assistance

- General interview advice and practice

- Referrals to job readiness programs

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