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Meet the  Team

Who We Are

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Marcia Holt

Chief Executive Officer

Marcia Holt grew up in Havertown, PA; where she spent her youth playing Field Hockey and getting involved in many High School activities. The “Gay Straight Alliance” (LGBTQ club) stands out for she started and served as President of this alliance. Marcia went on to Albright College where she held a few officer positions in various organizations, including within her class’s student government organization. Due to her major, Marcia had the opportunity to study abroad at the Catholic Institute of Paris, France. This experience left a lasting impact on her. Upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations; Marcia decided to return to Paris, France for a gap year. During this year long break, Marcia worked as an Au Pair (foreign nanny) for a large family and attended a French language school. Marcia proceeded to attend The American University of Paris where her interest in anti- human trafficking, as an aspect of international organized crime, began. Graduating with a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Law; she was accepted into the International Human Rights Summer Law program at New College, Oxford University, England in the summer of 2018. Her Oxford studies increased her compassion and focus more towards the victims of human rights abuses than ever before. Successfully completing her IHRL program, Marcia decided to indulge in her favorite hobby of travel before returning to the United States.  Marcia obtained employment in a large nonprofit organization’s anti-trafficking division before leaving to create Because  Organization.

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Wendy Burke

Chair of the Board of Directors

Wendy Burke’s communications career began when she took an operator test. At AT&T she studied many different switches and received multiple certifications in administration. Through her 10 years at AT&T she worked up to a management position and learned the meaning of “how can I provide excellent service for you” daily. As AT&T began a service reduction, Wendy moved on to another management position with a worldwide pharmaceutical company. Over 10 years of service, she learned about multiple cultures, customs and multicultural sensitivities while supporting many areas of Telephony within the company. Again, downsizing caused many changes and after 14 years of service as an Internal Telephony Director. she has recently retired from an American provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services.

In Wendy’s personal life she has visited a few different countries; Brazil, France, Monaco, and London where she experienced first-hand the culture and communications. Her large family is also multi- ethnic, and the experience and knowledge of many cultures has served her well in all areas of communication and relations.

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MaryBeth Ford

Board of Director


Born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia MaryBeth Ford grew up an athlete and musician where she attended West Catholic Girls High School. Several months after graduation she joined the US Navy where she served towards the end of the Vietnam War as a Radioman for a little over 5 years and was given a Top-Secret clearance working in the Telecommunications field. This opportunity gave her the base to start a lengthy career in Telecommunications engineering and design where she eventually established and ran her own company for almost 20 years. During this time MaryBeth traveled throughout the country working as a Consultant & Project Manager helping many companies grow their businesses in the Healthcare, Financial and Pharmaceutical industries overseeing major real estate installations from Corporate Headquarters, Call Centers as well as Research & Development facilities. Working with local talent and work forces provided her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles which she valued as an enrichment to enhance her own professional skill sets and contributions towards her success.

Outside of her professional career MaryBeth volunteered for over 35 years as a youth sports coach and is an avid musician playing many instruments in bands all over the country. This was yet another opportunity for her to learn and contribute to the many environments that she lived in over the course of 25 years before MaryBeth finally settled back in her hometown area of Philadelphia, PA, where she continued her professional career in Telecommunications working for a National Cable Company until December 2022 when she retired to move through her next chapter, including her participation in the Because Organization.

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William Cottringer

Board of Director

Governance Chair 

William Cottringer (Bill) has 50+ professional training, education and work experience in security and correctional management, law enforcement, mental health, human resources and college teaching. Bill recently completed a post-graduate certificate in human capital leadership from the American Military University in updating his earlier credentials with courses in organizational development, organizational behavior, leadership, team building, crisis leadership and ethics. Bill is looking to give back to society for all the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years.

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Bobby Click

Board of Director

Compliance and Ethics Chair

Bobby Click, a licensed attorney with extensive experience in sexual abuse prevention and response within organizations, has provided invaluable expertise to numerous entities, aiding in the enhancement of their safety protocols. Drawing from his background in criminal and civil litigation, he has held a pivotal role in spearheading the Response & Resolution Department at the US Center for SafeSport. His contributions include the development of globally utilized policies and procedures, as well as overseeing investigations into thousands of allegations of misconduct.

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Rayne Blumenthal

Board of Director

Human Resources

An HR Professional by trade and an outdoors adventurer otherwise, Rayne is passionate about connecting with others and the world around her. Through training in trauma-informed care, a professional background in caregiving, and on-going efforts to find the best ways to serve her teams holistically, Rayne is able to leverage her  experience and dedicate her time to empowering survivors to reclaim their lives.

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Angie Odem

Board of Director

Programs and Services

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